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This week, Josh Trent of and host of Wellness Force Radio Podcast, will talk about “How to Stop Negative Thoughts,” as well as give some insight on the best fitness apps. You will quickly learn how your emotional life can help or hinder your fitness goals.

Hold one second, before we hear from one of 2015’s top 50 digital health influencers, our host, Rob, wants to answer some questions sent by last weeks listeners.

Rob’s New Years Challenge

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Last week Rob asked you to send in some questions that he could answer on the show. Here are two of his Question/Answers.

Q: Can I gain weight and still run 3-4 times a week? (From Jessie A)
A: Depending on your body type, running might be hindering your muscle building. Here is what I suggest.
Steps to gaining muscle mass
Eliminate the running completely from your program. It doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it forever, but it will hold you back if you have a hard time gaining muscle mass.
Keep 3-4 days a week of weight training. Split it up by concentrating on upper body one day and lower body the next.
Stress your muscles so your body must adapt. Make sure during your weight training that you are lifting heavy enough weights that it is putting stress on your muscles. Keep the reps between 8-12. Keep adding weight until your 8 reps is difficult.
Eat more food. Depending on your body type you might have to eat way more than you think. If you are an ectomorph, you might have to eat between 3000-5000 calories per day.

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Q: How many days a week do I have workout to lose weight? (from Lauren)
A: If you are working out 5 days a week and you aren’t losing weight, there is a problem. There could be a few suggestions
Lift heavier. You won’t necessarily get bigger, it will lean out the internal fat of your muscles. Think of a fatty steak, lifting weights will lean out the meat.
If your cardio is not strenuous, you won’t have the best results. Just jogging for 45 minutes won’t change your body. Try HIIT Training. High Intensity Interval Training.
Take a look at your diet. Keep a food journal…are you eating too much, not enough? If you have an endomorph body, you could try a lower carbohydrate diet.

Josh Trent, The Interview

Josh was raised in Section 8 housing and fed by the Welfare Program a well balanced diet of cheese and Wheaties cereal. His mom suffered from Bi-Polar disease. Through this difficult upbringing, Josh created some negative belief systems that he took with him for the next twenty years of his life.

Josh’s Negative Beliefs

  1. People can’t be trusted. His mother suffering from Bi-Polar disease was not to be trusted.
  2. Money is bad and evil. His dad wasn’t around much and when he was around, he was consumed with work and making money.
  3. Bad things will always happen.

Because Josh didn’t know how to stop negative thoughts, he used food to numb himself. By the time he was 21 years old, he was 280 pounds. Trying to make a life change, he decided to move to Hawaii where he fell into personal training. For the next 9 years he engulfed himself in this world of health to help himself and his clients.

While he tried to work on how to stop negative thoughts, his mind and emotions were with him wherever he went until one day he had to ponder the question,  “Am I worth it?”

Josh’s Transformation

He realized was using other people to focus his attention away from the dark parts of himself. In 2012, after a falling out with a mentor, Josh quit the fitness industry and began working in a cubicle in Corporate America. All his emotional pain came to forefront and in a panic,  he sought personal development by attending a workshop called, Mastery in Transformational Training. Here he learned how to stop negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

The Stories We Create

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We all create stories around what we learn as children. These stories can help you or hinder you in a happy life.  Once you are aware and know what those stories are that are holding you back, you can then create a new story in replacement. While the 10 day course helped Josh to find these stories, it was awareness that they existed that cultivated real change.

These negative stories are what stops us everywhere in life, including our health and fitness. For Rob, he spent 7 years, from the ages of 5-12, traveling an hour back and forth to New York City to audition for acting jobs. In seven years, he only booked one job which ended up being a humiliating experience. He then created a story that he was destined to fail and to this day, this story still weighs over him.

How to Stop Negative Thoughts and Change them to Positive Thoughts.

Charles Duhigg talks about the Habit Loop

You have an Impulse, the Cue, that a negative thought exists. You can take this information and funnel it in two ways.

1.  Action mechanism or habit.  You can either eat a doughnut or do something self deprecating, or you could create…
2.  Reward, feeling of release, self confidence

How do you funnel the Negative Habit into the Positive Reward?

  • -You take out the power by talking about it. You must realize it is just fear.
  • -You must replace the habit with the reward. You can only do this through having a conversation.

Create an Environment for Success.

  • -You have to feel your feelings in order to deal with them.
  • -You want to find friends that are also moving towards growth.

How do you recognize when you have the block?

  • -If you are blocked, you will notice it by feeling down, angry, sad, etc. Like, “I hate my job.”
  • -If you change your language from, “I have to” to “I get to”. It is a much more empowering.

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Conversation is the key! Even if it uncomfortable, you must talk through that uncomfortable place in order to find the new place of understanding and connection.

How can Technology Help your Health?

  1. Accountability
  2. Community

As a kid Josh loved playing video games. After seeing film where Olympic athletes used technology to help these athletes win the silver medal, it inspired Josh to find technology devices to help regular people empower their wellness.

Any device must have a human connection or the device won’t last. Rock Health did a study that most devices only are used for an average of 3-6 months before they go into the kitchen drawer.

However, Josh suggests if you are working with a coach or within a group, these technological devices can be very helpful. These devices can help to create better behaviors and habits

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Josh Trent Created for Open Sky Listeners a Free Guide to Fitness Apps.

Download the FREE Guide Here.


Josh’s final piece of advice.

  • -When you are looking at your goals, you must manage the process and the road to get there. You must measure your process. You can do this through a coach or an app.


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