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What, Meat is Healthy?

We have all been told that saturated fats found in red meat, eggs, coconut oil are “bad”. We have heard things like, “Saturated fat will kill you!!”, “Stay away from red meat”, “Don’t have too many egg yolks!”, “Watch your cholesterol!”. The newest studies show that there is NO link between saturated fat and heart…

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George Rausch – Week 5

Reclaiming My Life If you read the subtext of last week’s post, you could probably infer that I was pretty upset that change wasn’t happening fast enough. What a difference a week can make! It’s not that I have lost more weight, but last Monday we did my measurements for the first time since Week…

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Extreme Warrior Maca Smoothie

We talked about Superfoods in last weeks Lunch Crunch and Devon,  the new nutritionist for Open Sky Fitness, provided this great smoothie to try from David Wolfe’s book Superfoods. The shake includes several superfoods.  Maca is a root vegetable well known for increasing energy levels and stamina, as well as improving fertility levels and physical…

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