Eating Bugs and Organ Meat with Sarah Ballantyne (AKA The Paleo Mom) – Ep. 23

Eating Bugs and Organ Meat with Sarah Ballantyne (AKA The Paleo Mom)


The Paleo Mom’s Approach

In today’s episode, we talk to NYT-bestselling author Sarah Ballantyne about her new book,”Paleo Approach Cookbook.” In this follow-up companion book to the “The Paleo Approach,” readers learn how to incorporate seemingly exotic ingredients like cricket flour, fish heads and cow liver into their meals to reduce inflammation, calm their immune system and help their bodies heal from illnesses.

Sarah, who has a Ph.D. in medical biophysics, ate fish eyes as a child. (Sarah: “How do you KNOW this about me?” Rob: “You wrote it in your book!”). She learned from an early age that there were nutritious foods that nobody knew about.


“I was exposed to foods that people usually ignore. Clearly this has translated to my adult life.” – Sarah Ballantyne 


What You’ll Hear on the Show:

• How the exoskeletons of shellfish and insects contain a fiber unique in the animal kingdom.

• Why grass-fed meat has different nutrients in it, like Omega 3’s, that aren’t inflammatory. (Meat is only inflammatory when you eat it processed or cured and don’t eat enough vegetables.)

• Why breakfast is a construct! You can eat whatever you want for breakfast. Chicken soup instead of waffles; whatever you want! Your body will thank you later.

“The Paleo Approach Cookbook,” is available starting TODAY on, and it also contains plenty of dishes you’d recognize, like garlic rosemary roast beef, burgers with portabello mushrooms buns and mediterranean mahi mahi.

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