Week Two and 3 Pounds Down!!!

The first week is in the books. How do I feel? What did I learn? Did my body change? So many questions!! It’s hard for me to say, I feel like a lot of things. First off, I do feel great and am excited for more. I worked out 3 days with Rob as well as 3 other days of cardio at his request. Friday was my day off. We worked outside in the morning at this beautiful park on 6th between Fairfax and LaBrea. I like the morning cause it’s not to hot yet but you still get a good sweat on.

Of the 3 days with Rob, the first was the toughest. Not because it was any harder than the other 2 days but because it was the first and my body was shocked to say the least. After Tuesday’s cardio, I was ready for workouts number two and three and by the end of the week I felt soar but really good! Friday was a much needed day off. I went away on business over the weekend but kept up with my cardio by running on the hotels treadmill. I’m actually a big fan of the treadmill, I can put on an action film and run forever. And when I say forever, I mean about 5 miles. I’m a work in progress. I say action film cause I’m an emotional guy and let me tell you running and crying is tough, same goes with laughing.

Something else I liked that Rob does is an active warmup. Instead of “stretching” we actively warmed the body up. Sit ups, squats, Jumping Jacks, etc. Really gets the body ready for what’s ahead. Their is also a set of long stairs at the park and without giving his workout away…he uses the stairs.

So, I’m really pumped. I think I can do this. My main goal is to stay focused and consistent. Try not to miss a day with Rob and stick to the plan Christy and I have worked out with food.

As for the food, what a week! I’m no longer eating red meat, cut down my cookie intake, portion controlling and not eating past 8pm. You would think that’s a lot of change but it really doesn’t fell like it. They’re simple steps. Christy refuses to call it a diet. Instead she says were just adding foods into my daily routine. I like that. Doesn’t make me feel like I’m giving up to much, just enjoying healthier foods. PS- cutting out red meat was my choice. Read the book Skinny Bastard or Fast Food Nation and you’ll see why I stopped.

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