Zlata Sushchik- Overcoming Obstacles with SexyFit Ep. 81

Overcoming Obstacles Made Easy

This week you will be inspired by Zlata Sushchik, creator of SexyFit.com, who shares with you the behind the scenes of the unhealthy fitness competition world as well as how “Overcoming Obstacles” is easier than you might think. You will also hear a question from an Open Sky Fitness Podcast Fan, Edward, regarding the Free Workout Templates   that Rob has create for you. Rob goes into great detail of how to utilize these templates to your individual lifestyle and workout needs.

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About Zlata Sushchik

Zlata, in addition to creating SexyFit.com, is also a lifestyle coach, sports nutritionist, and host of the Sexy Fit Podcast. She moved to the US from Russia at 16 years old, not knowing any English. Here she fell into the fitness competition world through her friend. After years of yoyo dieting leading to hormonal imbalances, she developed a methodology for a healthy way of eating and working out that she wanted to share with others. This is how SexyFit.com was born.

What You Will Hear:

0:00 Introduction
1:25 Rob explains the workout templates that you can download here.
12:30 Introduction to Zlata Sushchik
15:45 3 lessons behind fitness competitions
18:50 Why fitness competitors are often the most unhealthy people
24:40 Zlata’s 21 Day Fitness Program
28:25 Obstacles on her journey
32:00 Perfection isn’t reality
32:45 Things that drive Zlata crazy
38:45 Can you get “too big”? The truth about muscle gain
42:55 Women and leg bulking
45:30 Nutrition in Macros
51:20 Zlata’s Actionable Advice
54:47 The importance of recruiting an expert coach
1:01:09 Wrap Up
1:02:36 Closing and Links

Attend Zlata annual SexyBack Mastermind starting February 1st 2016.  She only has 30 slots available, so sign up ASAP to assure your spot.

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