Dr. Jane Guyn- Great Sex Makes You Healthy- Discover the Bedroom Blueprint - Ep. 173 OPEN SKY FITNESS PODCAST

Dr. Jane Guyn: Great Sex Makes You Healthy: Discover the Bedroom Blueprint – Ep. 173

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Sex & Relationships

On this week’s episode of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast, we have Dr. Jane Guyn on the show who is a Professional Sex and Core Energy Coach as well as a Doctor of Human Sexuality. She is the author and creator of several books and programs including:

Dr. Jane is so great to listen to because she’s so easy to talk to and gives such amazing advice about being intimate in a relationship. On today’s show, we’ll discuss why we might be struggling with sex in our relationship and how to fix it including with The Bedroom Blueprint which is a new approach to talking about sex.


Why We Struggle to Be Intimate

Depending on each person, they could be struggling with their sex life for various reasons:

  • Female menopause
  • Andropause aka male menopause
  • Low libido
  • Personal issues with body
  • Being self-conscious
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Having a busy lifestyle
  • Lack of privacy
  • New baby
  • Depression
  • Chronic disease
  • Sexual assault and harassment


“These moments of both sexual assault and harassment occur for both men and women so if we can talk about it sooner, that’s fantastic.” – Dr. Jane Guyn on the importance of addressing past experiences to create a strong, healthy relationship with other people.


Re-frame and Change Your Present

There are several steps we can take with our partner re-frame and change our present with them:

  1. Look at your life and let go of what’s holding you back.
  2. Be honest with yourself with what’s happening in your life right now.
  3. If things aren’t working, be honest with yourself with what you want and take a close look at your future.
  4. Envision the outcome that you want to have by opening up and discussing it with your partner.

If it feels like you’re trapped and have no other options, then we have to figure out what was going on that’s affecting our present.  Even our past can affect our present relationship. You have to be mindful of how you talk about it with your partner.

To talk with your partner, have an intention and let them know that you’re not there to make them feel bad. Rather, you want to improve your connection with them

Setting Up Relationship Intentions

Setting an intention about being kind and honest about what is happening in the relationship.

Creating intentions with your partner is a way to connect, grow, and understand each other in a much deeper way. Focusing on intentions can help you both open up to each other about what you want in your relationship.


“Hollywood creates this disconnect from what is real and these expectations of what sex should be.” – Rob Dionne 


Men, Women, and Children Trailer


The Bedroom Blueprint

To help us be present with our partner, Dr. Jane Guyn has created The Bedroom Blueprint acronym:

B – Body

E – Environment

D – Desire

R – Relationship

O – Openness

O – Orgasm

M – Mindfulness


The 5 Steps to the Perfect Quickie

You cannot have the perfect quickie if you have not thought about the Bedroom Blueprints so that you really know each other to such a depth.

  1. Know what kind of experience both you and they like.
  2. Figure out the space and where it will take place.
  3. Know their fantasies and share yours.
  4. Don’t be a spectator, but be present in the moment.
  5. In general, don’t tell people about your experience and keep those moments to yourself.


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What You’ll Hear on This Episode

00:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:15  Opening comments with Rob and Devon

1:30 Check out last week’s episode – Episode 172 – Identify & Stop Self-Sabotaging Beliefs & Actions

1:55  About today’s guest – sex therapist, Dr. Jane Guyn

5:55  How even just a tiny bit of regular fitness can help create a momentum of energy

6:30 Devon’s experience of mentally getting back into fitness and focusing on her health

13:00 Check out our new sponsor – ButcherBox

15:10  Introduction with Dr. Jane Guyn

16:00  What is a sex coach? How did Dr. Jane decide to become one?

18:00  Why might people be struggling with their sex life?

19:00 The #MeToo movement and how sexual assault and harassment can affect our lives

27:00  How to re-frame and change your present relationship experience

28:00  How to have The Talk about sex in a relationship

 36:30 How to make The Talk something easy to discuss

38:30  Intentions that couples might set up for themselves

41:00  Does Hollywood glorify sex in a way that’s not actually attainable?

45:30  How we should approach talking about sex and why it’s not so complicated.

53:45  The BEDROOM Blueprint acronym

1:01:00  How experiences early on in life can affect our relationships as adults

1:05:50  The 5 Steps to the Perfect Quickie

1:10:30  Join Dr. Jane for a Lover’s Journey Discovery Session

1:11:40 Closing comments with Rob and Devon

1:12:40  Join The Open Sky Fitness Podcast Group on Facebook

1:15:30 Open Sky Fitness Closing



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