Learning Parkour with Dan Edwardes – Ep. 51

Learning Parkour with Dan Edwardes – Ep. 51

Parkour 101

Ever wanted to learn more about parkour, but not sure where to start?

Rob and Jeff start us off by divulging some common injury issues we’ve all felt, no matter what our physical routines entail. They share with us funky personal stories along with tips and tricks to avoid mishaps and to make your body stronger.

Imagine running, jumping, and climbing through obstacles in the heart of an urban jungle. This thrilling training discipline is exactly what today’s guest, Dan Edwardes, is a master of. Dan Edwardes is a founder and director of Parkour Generations.

About Dan Edwardes

Dan has been a key player in establishing the largest and most successful Parkour teaching structure in the world. He runs and teaches at Parkour Generations Academies, which started off as a single small class in London, and is now taught around the world.

Rob and Jeff got the inside scoop on the first leap Dan took and how he has parlayed that into a rewarding teaching and business program. Dan also explains the core concepts of Parkour which include: mobile balance, passing obstacles, pulling your own body weight up and over things and dealing with your own fear.

The guys tackle the topics of fears, risks and how Parkour can help people learn to manage these inevitable aspects of life.

How To Parkour

Jeff asks Dan if at the beginning he had any idea how huge Parkour would one day be. Dan surprisingly says he never guessed the discipline would be so successful, “My whole life was about trying to make myself as physically and mentally capable as I could…and Parkour was an extension of that…overtime it just grew organically.”

This episode also reminds us of the true meaning of the word competition: to strive together. That is what Dan says he loves about the art of Parkour and going out with his own training group.

To get all the thrilling details of the “leaps and bounds” of Parkour listen now!

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Dan Edwardes Talks Parkour


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