How to Maintain Your Perfect Body

Well, what’s your definition of perfect?  That’s another conversation.

What I mean is, once you’ve reached a certain level of fitness or your body is starting to look the way you’ve always wanted it to look, how d0 you keep that up? Do you stop doing all the things you were doing to achieve that body and go back to what you were doing before: eating junk foods and sitting on the coach No way!

Being healthy and fit is not a one time goal to achieve and then go back to being the slob you once were. It’s a lifestyle change.  I have to admit, I get tired of that word, “lifestyle.”  It’s used so often on health and fitness websites, it’s almost lost it’s meaning.  It’s more than just a lifestyle, it’s a mental state of being that brings joy to your life and to others.  Why would you want to give that up?  Was it really that hard to get there?  I’m willing to bet it was an amazing ride and you’d be silly to consider getting off that wave!  Ride it for as long as possible and enjoy every minute of it.

Now you might want to know, Rob, what kind of workout regimen were you on before the Men’s Physique Competition and now that it’s over, what are you doing now to maintain what you’ve done? Great question! Thank you:)

Take a look for yourself.

As you can see I was lifting 5 days straight and doing cardio 6 days straight.  I would rest on Sunday.  This was my schedule for the last 6 weeks leading up to the Men’s Physique Competition. The cardio was my own interval creation that would kick my ass by the end.   I would lift for about an hour or more, take a short break, mostly to chit chat with the other trainers in the gym, but also to get mentally prepared for my interval cardio.  All in all, I was at the gym for around an hour and forty five minutes M-F.   Sometimes I would have to split the workout to two different times of the day, depending if a client needed to shift their schedule with me.  That’s part of being flexible and not allowing obstacles to get in your way.  Yes it was an intense workout schedule, but it all paid off!

Here’s what my workout regimen looks like now:

You’ll notice this workout schedule is much more manageable.  I’m still working out 6 days a week, but the workouts are much less intense and a lot less time consuming.  Until I decide which event to compete in next, this will be my workout regimen.

I’ll let you know how my eating has been modified since the competition in a later post.

Questions? Hit me up.

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