How to Lose 150 Pounds Naturally Using Momentum

Jen Shipp: How to Lose 150 Pounds Naturally Using Momentum – Ep. 191



“Instead of saying, “Ok, I’m going to weight this much in this amount of time,” I changed that around to “Okay, I’m going to commit to this lifestyle for 1 year,” and then just see what happens. I would lose weight and then plateau for a while, but I knew that was okay because I was going to wait until a year from now to see the final weight result.” – Jen Shipp


This is a very special episode of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast. Recently, one of the members of our Open Sky Fitness Podcast Group on Facebook, Jen Shipp, shared that she has lost 150 pounds over the last two years and we really wanted to share her story with everyone.

As you listen to Jen’s story, you’ll find out how she was able to lose weight the natural way. That’s right! No surgery, pills, shakes, replacement meal bars, or any of those other diet fads that simply don’t work.

You’ll be so inspired by Jen’s story and discover why it’s not so complicated to live a healthier lifestyle after all. Also, losing weight doesn’t have to be as complicated as what big diet brands are selling you. 

Before Jen shares her awesome story, Devon and I discussed the various different types of olive oil and what’s the difference between light, pure, virgin, and extra virgin olive oil. Plus, you’ll find out whether or not what you’re buying at the store is the real deal or not.


Jen’s Journey to Naturally Losing 150 Pounds


“I never had extreme cravings and I was pretty much eating the standard American diet. I wasn’t overeating, but what I was eating was a majority of processed, horrible foods. It was almost like my body was allergic to these processed foods so if I ate any of it, I would have internal inflammation, water retention, and weight gain.” – Jen Shipp


To give you a little background on Jen, she is a hardworking mother of three children (ages 20, 17, and 7) with a very busy work and family schedule that often changes so she has to be very flexible from month to month.


How to Lose 150 Pounds Naturally Using Momentum


For many years, she felt lost and in the dark as to why her body was like this until she met with a weight loss doctor that would eventually prompt her to seek answers on her own.

That experience would forever change her life and what she thought a healthy lifestyle looked like. During that period with the weight loss doctor, she lost 80 pounds and felt incredible at first, but she was consuming all these expensive protein supplements and foods plus phentermine appetite suppressants instead of following a natural diet.

In the end, she was miserable and it wasn’t a sustainable method for her as far as her lifestyle nor financial plan.


Jen’s Weight Loss Tips & Advice

Then one day on her 40th birthday, she made the ultimate choice to be healthy for herself.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Her life struggles with not being able to lose weight easily with no help or direction from her doctors.
  • How she was able to focus on limiting her carb intake to only healthy vegetables and fruits rather than processed pasta and bread.
  • Her yo-yo dieting experience trying out various diets such as Atkins, low-carb, and Weight Watchers.
  • The moment she discovered that gut bacteria was really important and a linker to her weight gain.
  • Why you have to create a plan for yourself rather than for someone else so that it fits your life.
  • Her progressive momentum by gradually adding different healthy habits to her routine.
  • The various books and other resources that have helped her change her lifestyle.
  • How she was able to change her family’s home environment to eat healthier foods and find substitutes for herself.
  • Why your weight loss “plateau” is actually your maintenance point for living your healthy lifestyle.



“I’ve tried low-carb, Atkins, and even Weight Watchers. Every single time, I’d lose a little bit of weight, but then I would regain it back and even more than before I started one of these programs. I got to the point where I just couldn’t do this anymore. I could not gain any more weight.” – Jen Shipp






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What You’ll Hear on This Episode

00:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:15  Opening comments with Rob and Devon

1:30 Check out last week’s show: OSF 190 – Time Under Tension: How to Speed Up Muscle Growth

2:30 Shout out to our Sky Fit Challenge participants! Join us in April for our next challenge!

3:00 Check out our Open Sky Fitness Podcast Group on Facebook

3:40  The different types of olive oil out there and does what you buy make a difference?

10:00 Dates and types of bottles – how to make sure your olive oil lasts and where to store it.

11:30  The benefits of spending a bit more on a really good olive oil for that healthy fat your body needs.

12:20  Introduction to Jen Shipp

13:00 About Jen and her family.

15:30  Her life struggles with not being able to lose weight easily with no help or direction from her doctors.

18:00 Different methods she has tried out and what she’s learned from this experience.

22:00 How meeting with a “specialized” weight loss doctor, stopping that plan, and then starting it again led her to yo-yo dieting and feeling miserable about what she was eating according to their plan.

24:00 Her experience trying dieting on her own with Atkins, low-carb, and Weight Watchers.

25:00  What she started to implement on her own to help her create a new healthy lifestyle for herself by picking up different tools and strategies.

32:30  Her fitness goals for the future and what parameters she has set up for herself.

34:50  Limiting her carb intake to only vegetables and fruits rather than pasta and bread.

36:00 Her discovery that gut bacteria was really important and a linker to her weight gain.

38:00  What it’s like to live with a family who still loves to eat foods that her body cannot tolerate like pizza or McDonald’s.

39:40  How she was able to change her family’s home environment to eat healthier foods and find substitutes for herself.

42:30  How she feels now about all of her accomplishments toward weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle.

44:30 The gradual fitness changes she started to incorporate into her routine and her goal to add weight lifting to her fitness.

46:40  Her advice for other people who have also felt stuck in their weight loss journey.

47:40 The power of starting off small and making gradual improvements to your lifestyle.

58:00 What’s the best way to help people join you in living a healthier lifestyle?

59:30 Her personal motto and motivation for keeping up with her healthy lifestyle.

1:00:30 Why your plateau is actually your maintenance point for living your healthy lifestyle.

1:04:00  Continue this conversation with Jen in our The Open Sky Fitness Podcast Group on Facebook

1:05:00 Closing comments with Rob and Devon

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1:06:40 Open Sky Fitness Closing



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