Are Steroids Worth The Risk? - Ep 140 Open Sky Fitness Podcast Rob Dionne

Are Steroids Worth The Risk? – Ep 140

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 Are Steroids Worth The Risk?


“Steroids change you for life and you have to be prepared for that decision. At 19 years old, like where I was, you are not equipped to make a decision that changes your life.”


On this week’s episode of Open Sky Fitness, a friend of Rob’s agreed to do an anonymous interview about his previous experience with taking steroids. No longer taking steroids now, he gave Rob an inside look into how he got involved in steroids, why he decided to stop taking them, and what he learned from the entire experience.

Rob and his guest also spoke about:

  • The emotional and physical toll of taking steroids.
  • Why he has to do testosterone hormone therapy.
  • How his body changed before, during , and after steroid use.
  • The negative impact of taking steroids.
  • What would happen if steroid use were legal.
  • The impact that media has on men’s body image.
  • The cost of buying steroids.

And most importantly, how this person plans to use his experience to help other people who are going through the same situation.


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What You’ll Hear on This Episode

00:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:15  Opening comments with Rob and Devon

3:00  March Madness Week 3: Mental Health

6:00  The Open Sky Fitness Podcast Facebook Group

11:30  How can you get enough nutritious calories during the day when you spend most of you day out of the house?

23:30  All About Steroids

24:00  When did you begin taking steroids? How old are you now?

24:26  Why did you start to take steroids?

26:00 His size before steroids vs when he took steroids to now without steroids

31:00  Did you ever face a moral dilemma before you started taking steroids?

33:00  Do you think steroids will ever become legal?

33:20  Participating in testosterone hormone replacement therapy

35:00  What types of steroids are out there? How do you take them?

36:50  Is there a limit to taking steroids? How do you know if you’re taking too much?

38:00  Is there a negative impact if you take too many steroids?

43:00  Are steroids something to you can do a couple of times or is there a drop off point?

44:00  What were the side effects that your body went through?

48:00  If you could, would you go back and recommend taking steroids to your younger self? Do you regret ever taking steroids?

52:00 Do you think the media is responsible for affecting men’s body image and perception of themselves?

56:30  How much did it cost you to take steroids?

58:00  How did you keep up with your steroid use?

1:00:00 When did you decide to stop using steroids?

1:02:00 Did your body take any additional hits because of steroids? Any areas such as your kidneys or liver?

1:03:00  Was it easy to find a hormone therapy doctor?

1:06:00  Did you experience any type of depression post steroid use?

1:09:00  How many people actually do steroids?

1:13:00  Does Hollywood make it easy for its actors to have access to steroids and specific trainers?

1:15:00  How was your temperament while on and off steroids?

1:16:00  What has life been like now that you’re off of steroids? What difference do you feel? How long does it take until you feel like you need to take steroids again?

1:17:30  How do steroids affect your day to day life?

1:18:30  What’s next in store for you?

1:21:30 Closing comments with Rob and Devon

1:25:00  Open Sky Fitness Closing


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