Dr. Mike Young: Is Competition the Key to Success? Open Sky Fitness

Dr. Mike Young: Is Competition the Key to Success? -Ep. 114

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“If you’re not competing; you’re not competing. Which means that if you’re not looking for an opportunity to win, then sometimes you’ll never give yourself a good chance to actually win.”– Dr. Mike Young

This week, I had a great discussion with  Director of Performance and Research for Athletic Lab, Dr. Mike Young, about competition success and how creating competition for yourself can help you to become more successful.

Once you listen to the podcast, you’ll have a clear idea that Mike really understands himself and why he’s so competitive. This week, my challenge to you is for you to better understand how you approach food and your nutrition.

Why & How to Keep Track of a Food Journal

Download the OSF Food Journal Now!

This week, I share with you 5 reasons as to why you should have a food journal and how to use it:

1. Seeing is Believing

Why is having a food journal so important? If you’re not feeling well and have varying stomach symptoms, energy levels, or you just want to keep track of what you eat, writing about it will get you where you want to be.

We easily forget what we eat during the day, even if it’s just a quick candy bar when we stop at the gas station. If you write down what you eat and drink every time; not only will you never forget it, but you’ll hold yourself accountable as well.

If you want to understand and see what you’re doing with your nutrition, you have to hold yourself accountable. Keeping a food journal will help you see and believe what you’re eating and how it’s affecting your health.

 2. Periods of Random Starvation

We should not be starving at any point of the day, but sometimes we forget to eat. It happens; we get caught up at work, working on a project, or do something else that keeps us from remembering to eat a meal.

That’s when the hunger hits us and it’s easy to make bad choices from junk food to overeating whatever we can get our hands on. If you keep a food journal, you’ll know when you’re likely to be hungry and can prepare healthy meals ahead of time or keep nutritious snack foods with you wherever you go.

3. Pay Attention to Your Energy Levels

Our energy levels can really vary throughout an entire day. This food journal will help you better understand your energy levels and how different types of food and beverages affect you.

4. Hindsight is 20/20

Not only will your food journal help you notice your eating patterns today, but these patterns will help you better understand your body.

When you pay attention to when your body has different reactions, you know what to avoid. Especially if your following a specific diet such as the Ketogenic Diet and you need to take a fiber supplement.

5. Track Patterns That Pop-up Everywhere

Keep track of patterns that pop up everywhere: your regular energy versus when it’s low or high. What did you consume that could cause your insulin to spike and then lead you to feeling exuasted?

When do you feel happy? When do you feel grumpy? Your body symptoms, feelings, and energy can tell you so much about the food and beverages you’re consuming and what they’re doing to your body.


Understand & Balance Your Competitive Side

Dr. Mike Young loves to compete. Whether it’s against himself or with another person, Mike uses his competitive side to his advantage to reach a goal and get to the next level. To get to that next level, he looked up to and listened to his mentors’ help and guidance.

Whether it’s for your career, a sport or your health, find someone who can help you get competive with yourself and push you to take the next step to get to a new level.


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About Dr. Mike Young

 Dr. Mike Young -Is Competition The Key to Success? Open Sky Fitness

Dr. Mike Young has an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology, a Master of Science degree in Athletic Administration and a PhD in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Biomechanics. He has studied extensively in anatomy, physiology, sport psychology, motor learning, training theory and biomechanics. Mike has earned NSCA’s Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, is recognized by USA Weightlifting as a Club and National Coach, a Crossfit Level 1 Certified Trainer, is one of less than 20 USA Track & Field (USATF) Level 3 coaches in the country and has a USATF Level 2 certification in 3 event areas.

Mike serves as the Director of Performance and Research for Athletic Lab. His title includes his role as the strength and speed coach as well as the lead researcher for Athletic Lab. Mike directs all programming at Athletic Lab, manages facility development and oversees staff education programs.

Mike is a world-renowned expert in the field of speed development and conditioning for sport. He is also recognized for his work in coaching the Olympic Lifts and creating specialized strength, speed and conditioning programs to help maximize the performance of any athlete. He has developed training plans for sports ranging from dragon boating and soccer to swimming.

To learn more about Dr. Mike Young, click here: http://athleticlab.com/about/staff/mike-young/

TedxCalgary- A Formula for Human Excellence with Dr. Mike Young


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What You’ll Hear on This Episode

0:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:15  Opening comments with Rob

4:12 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Food Journal

23:50  Introduction to Dr. Mike Young

24:15  Do you believe you’re a competitive person?

26:00 How do you balance yourself with being so competitive?

30:20  How would you personally describe yourself in terms of your philosophy on training and your career?

33:30  Who do you train at Athletic Lab and what else do you do there?

36:00  How can you become an intern and do a coaching apprenticeship with Athletic Lab?

38:00 What did you learn from your mentors that you integrate into your career and teach your interns?

41:35  What do you recommend for aspiring personal trainers and coaches who want to find a mentor?

46:15 Can you explain more about what you said during your TEDx Talk-Calgary?

49:00 Where’s the line between competing with someone and mentoring someone?

52:20 What’s your thought on how our mindsets either help us to succeed or to fail?

56:30  As a coach, how do you talk to your players?

59:35  As a coach, how did you transition from track & field to more team sports?

1:02:00 How did you become the coach that you are today?

1:07:20  How can people stay away from injury? Especially those who aren’t professional athletes? How can you get competitive?

1:11:20  How can you go about finding the right mentor for you at your level of training or coaching?

1:13:00  How you can get in touch with Mike.

1:14:00 “Bite off more than you can chew and then chew it.”- Always keep challenging yourself

1:15:25  Closing comments with Rob

1:17:00  Open Sky Fitness Closing


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