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Georgie Fear: How to Create and Build Healthy Skills-Ep. 136 Open Sky Fitness One by One Nutrition Rob Dionne Devon Dionne

Georgie Fear: How to Create and Build Healthy Skills-Ep. 136

    “Motivation has to come from within. Nobody is going to convince someone to eat something that they don’t even want to eat.” – Georgie Fear     Join Our March Madness Challenge! Making Healthy Skills A Lifestyle! We are going to start a new challenge in March to help everyone begin creating new…

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Open Sky Fitness Podcast How to Build Your Own Gym Workout-Ep. 109

How to Build Your Own Gym Workout-Ep. 109

Download Results Tracker here! Click To Download Home Workout Templates or text the word, “lifting,” to 33444 to download the templates. As we announced at the beginning of the month, August is Strong People Are Awesome Month and this week we’re sharing our third week of tips. This week, Devon and I are sharing with you How…

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Dr. Josh Davis- How to Be Super Effective, Two Awesome Hours

Dr. Josh Davis: How to be Super Effective-Ep. 89

How to Begin a Personal Trainer Career This week on Open Sky Fitness, Rob and Devon share what inspired them to become personal trainers; what certificates they received and what they recommend to study; their experience in the field and many tips and insights on what to expect when you begin your own career. If…

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Ep. 43 – Owen Harrison Talks Bodybuilding Workouts and Nutrition

Workout and Eat like Owen Harrison Bodybuilding twins and international fitness stars Owen and Lewis Harrison have competed with each other from an early age. They’ve lived together, trained together and have even bought the same exercise supplements. “Did you ever try to sabotage each other? Like put powder in your brothers’ drink to make him…

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Ep 1 – Get to Know Rob & Jeff

In the very first Open Sky Fitness Podcast we learn the reason Rob Dionne loves the smell of old musty gyms, why Jeff Meacham as a hemorrhoid and if it’s possible for women to keep their breasts the same size and lose weight in their arms!

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How to Prepare for a Men's Physique

Rob is 7 weeks away from competing in the NPC Los Angeles Men’s Physique Competition. He talks about his process and what it takes to get down to 3% body fat over the next month and a half.

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