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What You Should Know About GMOs - Ep. 145 Open Sky Fitness Podcast

What You Should Know About GMOs – Ep. 145

Do We Actually Need GMOs?   “If France was able to decrease the amount of  pesticides and herbicides and yield the same amount of crops while the USA increased herbicides and decreased pesticides but had no increase in crop yields with GMOs, then why do we even need GMOs? Money.” – Devon Dionne   On this…

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Christy Harrison: Make Peace with Food & Your Body Open Sky Fitness Podcast

Christy Harrison: Make Peace with Food & Your Body – Ep. 134

“Research shows that 65% of American women have disordered eating of some kind and an additional 10% have full blown eating disorders whether or not they’ve been diagnosed or treated. So 75% of American women are thought to have some issue with food that is disordered.” – Christy Harrison of the Food Psych Podcast on…

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how-do-i-change- Open Sky Fitness Rob & Devon Dionne

How Do I Change?- Ep 126

Change Your Life with Healthy Habits   “The intention is not the goal. The intention has to be the thought process behind the goal. Your intention should always include being joyful; especially when we’re talking about health and improving your life. We often forget that this is a gift that we’re giving to ourselves. Being…

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5 steps to planning a healthy life open sky fitness podcast rob dionne

5 Steps to Planning a Healthy Life-Ep. 115

  “If one part of the equation fails, why would we give up on all of it? Why would we throw the rest of it away? The mental game, the nutrition, the workouts, and all the rest of it. Find the one thing in your life that really brings you joy around being healthy. If…

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Open Sky Fitness Podcast How to Build Your Own Gym Workout-Ep. 109

How to Build Your Own Gym Workout-Ep. 109

Download Results Tracker here! Click To Download Home Workout Templates or text the word, “lifting,” to 33444 to download the templates. As we announced at the beginning of the month, August is Strong People Are Awesome Month and this week we’re sharing our third week of tips. This week, Devon and I are sharing with you How…

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A look back on 100 podcast episodes

A Look Back on 100 Episodes-Ep. 100

  This week’s Open Sky Fitness Podcast was extra special as Alek Lev and Jeff Meacham joined Rob for our 100th episode!! Alek and Jeff were there with Rob from the very beginning and they’ve taken the 100th podcast as a great opportunity to look at their own health and fitness progress over the last…

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Ep. 43 – Owen Harrison Talks Bodybuilding Workouts and Nutrition

Workout and Eat like Owen Harrison Bodybuilding twins and international fitness stars Owen and Lewis Harrison have competed with each other from an early age. They’ve lived together, trained together and have even bought the same exercise supplements. “Did you ever try to sabotage each other? Like put powder in your brothers’ drink to make him…

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