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Starbucks' Biggest Secret with Brian Stoffel - Ep. 265

Starbucks’ Biggest Secret with Brian Stoffel – Ep. 265

I have a really interesting conversation with Motley Fool writer and the man behind the Medium article, The Bitter Truth About Starbucks Coffee – Brian Stoffel for you this week! Brian lives quite a unique lifestyle. In the winter, he and his family are down in Costa Rica living at the El Toledo Coffee Farm…

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The Official Coffee Diet

The Official Coffee Diet – Ep. 258

  This week’s episode was super fun for me to share as I dive in and explain what the Official Coffee Diet (OCD) is all about, why I decided to begin roasting my own coffee at home, how it’s a part of my lifestyle focused on intermittent fasting, and how you can begin making your…

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Dan John Getting Strong is Simple...Not Easy Ep. 171 OPEN SKY FITNESS PODCAST

Dan John: Getting Strong is Simple…Not Easy- Ep. 171

All-American discus thrower, strength coach, author, and instructor, Dan John, shares why life, fitness, and success can be simple, but not easy. There is no immediate, over-night success that comes in the form of a pill. There is no secret to having it all. Rather, real results come from hard work, patience, and determination over…

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Pat Flynn: Get Fit with a Generalist Mindset - Ep. 169 OPEN SKY FITNESS

Pat Flynn: Get Fit with a Generalist Mindset – Ep. 169

  “The world is so obsessed with specialists and that to be successful, you have to specialize in something. However, that was never good advice for me. I could never really compete head to head on a lot of things. But, I’m good to great at many different things and by stacking those different skills,…

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11 Ways to Create Structure for a Crazy Schedule - Ep. 164 OPEN SKY FITNESS

11 Ways to Create Structure for a Crazy Schedule – Ep. 164

Creating Structure for Your Schedule   “As an entrepreneur or a stay-at home parent, nothing gets done unless you plan it so why should your health and fitness be any different?” – Rob Dionne   On today’s episode, Devon and I are tackling the big question: How can you create a structure for your day…

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Ep. 4 – Coffee: Friend or Foe?

In episode 4 of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast, Rob talks about his addiction to coffee and how he snowballs from one cup a day to two to three a day, if he’s not careful.

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Ep. 3 – No Processed Food, No Sugar!?

In this episode of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast we find out how Alek is doing on his diet off all processed food and sugar. He’s realizing it’s much more difficult then he’d anticipated.

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