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Back Spasms and How to Heal Them - Ep 143 Open Sky Fitness Rob Dionne Devon Dionne

Back Spasms and How to Heal Them – Ep 143

Back Spasms and Problems 101   “Most back spasms are from either not stretching and warming up or from sitting all day. You really can’t escape back spasms. Even if you’re physically active, they’re impossible to avoid. Even for us.” – Rob and Devon Dionne   Do you find simple tasks like picking up something…

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Top Ways to Fix Sports Injuries with Scott Iardella

On today’s episode we interview Scott Iardella, Founder of Rdella Training and host of the Rdella Training Podcast. He shares his 7 Strategies for Dealing with Injuries with a focus on getting back into your training with no, or minimal amount of time off.

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