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8 Holiday Mistakes You Must Avoid – Ep. 230

  The holidays are a busy time for everyone and sometimes we forgot to make sure we set it up and plan vacations, family get-togethers, and parties in such a way that we actually enjoy ourselves too. So, this week, Devon and I are sharing our top 8 holiday mistakes that people make, how to…

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Alex Charfen_ Structure Your Life for Better Wellness - Ep. 177 OPEN SKY FITNESS

Alex Charfen: Structure Your Life for Better Wellness – Ep. 177

  “You have to make your health the number one priority in your life. Once you do that, things will start changing and it’s amazing how everything starts lining up and gets better. People feel good and they have more energy so that they can show up for others in a more positive way.” –…

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Dr. Josh Davis- How to Be Super Effective, Two Awesome Hours

Dr. Josh Davis: How to be Super Effective-Ep. 89

How to Begin a Personal Trainer Career This week on Open Sky Fitness, Rob and Devon share what inspired them to become personal trainers; what certificates they received and what they recommend to study; their experience in the field and many tips and insights on what to expect when you begin your own career. If…

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Natalie Jill and Evan Dollard: How to Set Goals for the New Year -Ep.78

Welcome to 2016! Are you ready to learn strategies on “how to set goals” or the New Year? This week our host Rob is joined by guest cohost, American Ninja Warrior, Even Dollard (Aka: All Around Mr. Fitness according to Rob), and interviewee, Natalie Jill from First Evan discusses how he keeps his mirror muscles looking good in is off season from Ninja warrior.Secondly Natalie joins the duo and together they’ll give their 14 expert strategies for success in 2016. Bringing in some Star Wars motivational quotes, this podcast will be your 2016 Yoda voice to success.

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