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Alex Charfen: Structure Your Life for Better Wellness – Ep. 177


“You have to make your health the number one priority in your life. Once you do that, things will start changing and it’s amazing how everything starts lining up and gets better. People feel good and they have more energy so that they can show up for others in a more positive way.” – Rob and Devon Dionne


This week, we have entrepreneur and biohacker, Alex Charfen, joining us on the show! He specializes in helping people structure their busy lives so they can be more productive and healthy at the same time. He is also the host of the Momentum for the Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT) Podcast and author of Entrepreneurial Personality Type

Through his mission to help people launch and grow their businesses, he is also dedicated to helping them improve their health and wellness. Be prepared to be blown away by all of the incredible information that Alex had to share with me as far as the Fundamental Functions of Being in Shape:

  • Breathing
  • Hydration 
  • Nutrition
  • Movement 

We also answered a question from the Open Sky Fitness Podcast group on Facebook: How Do We Self-Motivate to Work Out in the Morning or at Night?


Change Your Life Course


“Processed foods are a manipulation. If you allow yourself to eat processed foods, then you are allowing yourself to be manipulated.” – Alex Charfen


For Alex, the first steps he took to become healthy again and completely change his life included:

  • Understand how the body works and health problems
  • Research on what foods to eat
  • Stop eating processed, sugar, fast foods
  • Drink less or no alcohol

Our primal ancestors were strong and focused because they ate whole, nutritious foods. However, in our world, more and more companies are adding chemicals, sugars, dyes, and additives through mass industrialization of food. Almost every additive has some side effects on the human body. Even just the single additive, aspartame, has a disastrous effect on the body.

The closer we can get to a whole food diet, the better we will feel and the happier we will be. 


How to Be Successful in Life


The Power of Water


“The majority of the population goes days without water. Except for ice in drinks, it’s all coffee, iced tea, or other drinks. If you have an aversion to water, that’s a symptom and not a problem. As soon as your body becomes dehydrated, it’s going to hold onto toxins.” – Alex Charfen


Without water, the brain and heart simply cannot function. Even if we drink 16 oz of water or more at at time when we’re thirsty, it can really boost and relax the body. To really push people to drink more water for greater healthy, Alex even started a 10 Day Natural Thirst Challenge.



Start Your Day with Movement

Each day, Alex gets up in the morning, gets hydrated, and then goes outside for a 20 minute walk on a multiplane surface to get relaxed and focused every day.

He’ll wear minimalist shoes all day like Vibrams and light weight clothes for max movability and comfort.


Max Out Your Morning Productivity

Our Tips to Improve Morning Productivity include:

  1. Take a moment and plan for tomorrow. What can you get done in the morning when you wake up?
  2. Layout your clothes the night before.
  3. Write down a to-do list to organize your thoughts and let it all out.
  4. Shower at night instead of in the morning unless you work out in the morning.
  5. Plan your breakfast and lunch plus anything else you want to bring to work.
  6. Set an alarm to make sure you have time to do a workout, meditation, journaling, etc.
  7. Pay attention to bad habits at night – binge watching TV for example.
  8. Be aware of what you eat and drink before bed including junk food and alcohol.

Plan ahead at night so you can set yourself for success as soon as you wake up in the morning.


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What You’ll Hear on This Episode

00:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:15  Opening comments with Rob and Devon

1:40 Check out last week’s show with Episode 176 – Holiday Health Hacks: Creating a Positive Experience

2:10  About today’s guest, Alex Charfen, who helps people become more productive.

3:00  OSF Facebook Community Question: How Do We Self-Motivate to Work Out in the Morning or at Night?

18:00  Why it’s important to make some changes to take charge of your health and schedule that time for yourself.

22:10 Get the latest  ButcherBox Cyber Monday deal until Tuesday, November 28 with 6 Free Grass-Fed Steaks on your first order!

24:30  Introduction to Alex Charfen

26:00  What Alex has personally struggled with and how he’s overcome them.

36:00  Alex’s steps for getting into shape and focusing on his health and wellness.

41:30 How do our bodies function? Why do we need to provide our body water?

46:45  What is Hyperhydration?

50:30 What kind of water should we be drinking? How much water should we be drinking?

54:35  What kind of exercises Alex enjoys doing on a regular basis.

1:00:00  The importance of feet for our entire body’s system and what shoes to avoid.

1:06:45  How processed foods manipulate us.

1:16:20  What Alex eats on a regular basis.

1:18:00  How Alex helps his clients succeed with the business by focusing on wellness.

1:23:30 Closing comments with Rob and Devon

1:26:00 Reach out to us via the The Open Sky Fitness Podcast Group on Facebook to ask questions and seek help.

1:27:00 Open Sky Fitness Closing




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