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Georgie Fear: How to Create and Build Healthy Skills-Ep. 136



“Motivation has to come from within. Nobody is going to convince someone to eat something that they don’t even want to eat.” – Georgie Fear


Open Sky FItness Podcast March Madness Challenge 2017


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Making Healthy Skills A Lifestyle!

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Start Your Own Personal Fitness Trainer Career!

One of the members of our Open Sky Fitness Podcast group asked us to share some advice on how she could find potential clients to train. Here are our top tips on how to find clients and launch your personal fitness trainer career.

  1. Use your expertise to find clients that need your knowledge
  2. Know and target your demographic group
  3. Meet your target group half way
  4. Offer new clients a discount OR a trade of service
  5. Build your online network and community


“Build a network that can give you referrals and give your client referrals as well.” – Rob and Devon Dionne


4 Methods to Create and Build Healthy Skills


“The process is the result. If you’re constantly trying to skip head and get to the end result of your goal, you’re missing the entire process. You gotta have a goal and then intentions that go along with it.” – Rob Dionne


On this week on the Open Sky Fitness Podcast, Nutrition Coach, Writer, and Published Author, Georgie Fear of One By One Nutrition had a great conversation about how people can create and build healthy skills for life.

On this episode, she specifically shares 4 Methods that she consistently uses with clients:

  1. Eat 3-4 times a day without snacking and let yourself feel hungry 30-60 minutes before eating.
  2. How to deal with emotional eating impulses.
  3. Eat just enough food to be full, but not too full.
  4. Eating whole foods and avoiding an abundance of hyper-processed foods.


“The client that says, ‘just tell me what to eat’ is actually saying, ‘I don’t trust myself with making these decisions; I’m confused.’ ” – Georgie Fear on helping clients create meal plans.


“You can do a half-time when you eat. Different people will have different methods to doing this, but some will drink a couple of sips of water, put their fork down, or take a couple of breaths just to pause during their meal.” – Georgie Fear on how we can teach ourselves the skill of eating just enough food so that we’re full, but haven’t over-eaten. 


The One by One Nutrition Skills Training Map


Skills-Pack-Map from One by One Nutrition Georige Fear Open Sky Fitness Podcast How to Create and Build Healthy Skills



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What You’ll Hear on This Episode

00:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:15  Opening comments with Rob and Devon

3:00  Join our March Madness Challenge in the The Open Sky Fitness Podcast Group on Facebook

6:30  Tips on how to become a personal trainer and look for clients as well as how someone can find the perfect personal trainer for themselves.

1) Use your expertise to find clients that need your knowledge.

9:00   2) Know and target your demographic group

12:20  3) Meet your target group half way

15:40  4) Offer new clients a discount OR a trade of service

21:00  How to decide the price of your personal trainer services

22:30 5)  Build your online network and community

27:35  Introduction to Georgie Fear

28:30  How Georgie and her husband started One by One Nutrition

31:40 How Georgie created her career around health and fitness

36:00  Georgie’s experience working with top athletes as well as average people who just want to lose some weight.

41:45  Early on in your career, did you take it on as a personal failure if your clients weren’t seeing the results that they wanted?

43:40  What it’s like for Georgie to work 1 on 1 with non-athletic, normal clients.

46:00  How we can build on healthy skills using Georgie’s book, Lean Health

49:00  The 4 Core Habits according to Georgie

50:00 1) Eat 3-4 times a day without snacking

53:10  How can we control our compulsive eating?

56:00  2) How to deal with emotional eating impulses

1:00:00 We can share a lot of great information between personal trainers to help more people.

1:02:20  You shouldn’t feel bad about being confused about food and nutrition

1:03:00  3) Eating just enough food to be full

1:05:00 Rob’s love of eating buffalo wings and what he can do to help control himself

1:16:40  4) Eating whole foods and avoiding an abundance of hyper-processed foods.

1:25:20  How Georgie helps her clients track their skills

1:34:30  How to get in touch with Georgie

1:35:35  Closing comments with Rob and Devon

1:38:00  Open Sky Fitness Closing


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