Perfectionists vs. High Achievers_ Which One Are You_ - Ep. 218 OPEN SKY FITNESS PODCAST

Perfectionists vs. High Achievers: Which One Are You? – Ep. 218

“Perfectionism is the enemy of progress.” – Winston Churchill





Being a Perfectionist – Good or Bad?


“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.” – Salvador Dali


A lot of people take pride in calling themselves a perfectionist because they associate it with being a hard worker. However, is it actually good for our mental and emotional health?

For the majority of us self-proclaiming perfectionists, living that way can set you up for so much anxiety and stress which isn’t good at all.

The Opposite of Perfectionist – Being a High Achiever

A high achiever can strive for excellence with the amount of progress they make because it provides them the opportunity to learn and grow. Meanwhile, a perfectionist’s focus on achievement is so much less forgiving and they tend to beat themselves up over any mistake which robs them of any satisfaction and pride in their work or any happiness on the progress they’ve made.

Hitting a goal is not the same as being perfect. Our society molds us to think we have to get straight A’s in order to be successful; that we have to be perfect in order to be successful. High achievers know that it’s okay to fail and they see it as a way to learn.


“Perfectionists will stress more and achieve less than high-achievers. High-achievers will always achieve more because they’re enjoying the process of learning.” – Rob and Devon Dionne



Are You A Perfectionist or A High Achiever?

A high achiever feels the pull and is drawn towards a goal. While a perfectionist feels pushed and stressed over the idea they have to do it or there’s something wrong with them. 

If you’re on the fence whether or not you’re a perfectionist or a high achiever, here are the top 10 signs for both categories:


The Top 10 Signs That You’re A Perfectionist

  1. You see success as an all or nothing situation. Anything short of success means failure.
  2. You have a fear of failure which leads to you becoming a procrastinator.
  3. You become overly judgemental of yourself and others.
  4. You’re emotionally closed off to others and it’s hard for you to be open and honest about what you’re not perfect at.
  5. You become defensive don’t accept constructive criticism well.
  6. You feel anxious and depressed about all of your setbacks. You see any setback as a direct reflection of their self-worth.
  7. You live with anxiety and stress every day because you’re constantly overthinking of what you should be doing next to be successful.
  8. You continually set unrealistic goals for yourself all the time. If they don’t reach their goal, then they only see failure and not as a way to learn.
  9. Misery loves company – You love hearing about other people’s failures.
  10. You have low self-esteem and this constant feeling of guilt and being ashamed of not succeeding.


The Top 10 Signs That You’re A High Achiever

  1. You see any type of success or failure as progress. Regardless of how you’re doing with your goal, you’ll see it as progress.
  2. You think and focus on your goals with eagerness rather than feel pressured to succeed and therefore you’re less likely to procrastinate.
  3.  You’re not afraid or intimidated by others success and want to learn from people who inspire you.
  4. You can admit which areas you need to improve and you seek answers on how you can do something better.
  5. You’re okay with people giving you constructive criticism because you know you can either accept it or not and it also doesn’t define who you are.
  6. You’re easy going about setbacks and know you can bounce back from them.
  7. Enjoy celebrating the goals that they’ve achieved so that they can be happy about it, relax, and decompress.
  8. Set realistic goals for themselves so that they can truly enjoy the process. If they don’t succeed, then they still see the process as a valuable learning experience.
  9. You cheer people on and celebrate their successes.
  10. You accept who you are and love yourself.



How To Shift From Perfectionist to a High Achiever

Being a perfectionist isn’t good for you and you won’t be able to change overnight but here are some easy ways to get started. Just stick with each action for a length of time and you’ll be able to see your mentality towards work, success, failure, and life change.

  1. Self-awareness – identify your tendencies with a gratitude journal
  2. Focus on the positive things in your life
  3. Affirmations – alter the way you talk to yourself
  4. Begin to see criticism as a way to improve
  5. Start separating fantasy from reality in your life
  6. Learn how to enjoy the process and not focus on solely the result



What You’ll Hear on This Episode

00:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:15  Opening comments with Rob and Devon

2:00 Check out last week’s show: OSF 217 – How Interval Training Can Speed Up Weight Loss with Dr. Martin Gibala

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4:30 A break down of what the Sky Fit Challenge really is.

11:00 Stay tuned for our upcoming series of Facebook Lives in The Open Sky Fitness Podcast Group

12:20 Today’s topic on perfectionism.

13:20 Rob’s own struggle with perfectionism and why we chose to talk about it today.

13:50 Is it a good thing to be a perfectionist?

15:30 The differences between High Achievers and Perfectionists.

20:00 Why we get so hung up on the need of being perfect around people.

22:00 The Top 10 Signs That You’re A Perfectionist or A High Achiever

1:02:20 How you can begin to shift from being a perfectionist to a high achiever.

1:17:00 Final comments with Rob and Devon

1:18:00 Lean towards being a high achiever and take baby steps with your health in our  Sky Fit Challenge

1:21:50 Open Sky Fitness Closing





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