Why Your Brain Wants To Overeat with Stephan J. Guyenet - Ep. 273

Why Your Brain Wants To Overeat with Stephan J Guyenet – Ep. 273

Why Your Brain Wants To Overeat with Stephan J Guyenet

Stephan J. GuyenetSpeaker, Science Consultant, Founder of Red Pen Reviews, and Author of The Hungry Brain, Stephan J Guyenet, joins me to discuss how the way we live today has impacted the food we eat, how often we eat, and why the brain wants us to overeat.

Join us in this podcast episode as Rob and Stephan J Guyenet discuss:

  • Where hunger comes from.
  • What we know and what we continue to learn about our eating habits today.
  • Why we have such a hard time maintaining our weight or stopping ourselves from overeating.
  • Why our brain and body work the way they do to hold onto fat and keep us overweight.
  • Several factors that are suspected or known to move the bodyweight set point.

We also discussed his health book reviewing website, Red Pen Reviews, why it will help you find the right books to read, and why other reviews like that from Amazon are basically worthless.


About Stephan J Guyenet

Stephan J. GuyenetStephan J Guyenet received a BS in biochemistry from the University of Virginia, a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Washington, and spent a total of 12 years in the neuroscience research world. His scientific publications have been cited more than 2,100 times by his peers. His most recent work investigates the neuroscience of eating behavior and obesity. Today, he continues his mission to advance science as a writer, speaker, and science consultant.

He lives in the Seattle area, grows unreasonable amounts of potatoes, and brews a mean hard cider.


TEDxHarvardLaw – Stephan J Guyenet – The American Diet


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What You’ll Hear on This Episode With Stephan J Guyenet

00:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:15  Opening comments with Rob

3:00 Living a healthy life doesn’t mean you have to turn into a gym rat.

4:30 A special message from Rob’s friend, Oz.

6:00 Share your feedback with Rob and Devon on iTunes

8:30 Introduction to Stephan J. Guyenet

9:00 The start of his career and why he has such a great interest in neuroscience.

13:00 His book, The Hungry Brain, and what readers will learn when they read it.

15:30 Where does hunger come from? What we know and what we continue to learn about our eating habits today.

19:00 Why we have such a hard time maintaining our weight or stopping ourselves from overeating.

22:30 Why our brain and body work the way they do to hold onto fat and keep us overweight.

25:40 Our “comfortable” weight and how that can change either positively or negatively over time.

28:30 Several factors that are suspected or known to move the body weight set point.

33:00 How our modern environment has impacted our food decisions and health.

42:30 Diet palatability: How seductive is the food that you’re eating?

46:00 Why we’re so trigged to eat fast food or overeat.

51:00 How to train the mind to let go of bad habits.

56:00 Foods that tend to push us to overeat and what we can focus on buying/shopping for instead.

57:40 Observing the differences between what our hunter/gatherer ancestors ate compared to what we eat today.

1:03:00 Exploring time-restricting eating.

1:05:10 His health book reviewing website, Red Pen Reviews, why you should check it out, and why other reviews like that from Amazon are basically worthless.

1:13:00  Closing comments with Rob

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1:19:20 Open Sky Fitness Closing







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