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In the picture to the far left, I weighed 194 pounds. I was 31 years old and I hadn’t worked out consistently in who knows how long. I was depressed, over worked, and lacked any motivation. Sound familiar?

You might not think it’s possible, but I’m here to tell you, it is possible! You just have to believe in yourself and trust the process.

High Fat & Lower Carb

Before you get into this blog and start breaking down the diet plan that I’m following, remember that everyone’s body is different. What might work for me, might not work for you. The thing to focus on is the general idea of how I’m eating and see if that can help you see how you…

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Against The Grain (Pun Intended)

What does it take to trim all your body fat? Rob goes into some detail in this post. He talks about how sugar and grains are the last thing you want if you’re interested in losing weight.

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Should I Go Paleo?

I never really gave the Paleo Diet much thought until recently. If you’ve been reading my posts, you’d know that I’ve been preparing for a Men’s Physique competition on November 2nd here in Los Angeles. Some of the things I’ve been talking about in my posts have been about my workouts, as well as my…

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Interval Cardio Burns More Fat – HIIT

Why do an hour of cardio when you can get better results in half the time? HIIT workouts are one of the best ways to burn extra calories in just 20 to 30 minutes!

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Lose 2 Pounds a Week!

With only 8 weeks until the next Men’s Physique competition, Rob has to lose almost 2 pounds a week before November 2nd. Check out everything he’s doing to reach his goal.

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5 Ways to Help Motivate You to Workout

You might want to try these 5 easy steps to get you back on the workout wagon. Why is it so difficult to start working out again after we’ve taking time off?

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