Dr. Todd Nelson: Is a Naturopathic Doctor Right for You? – Ep. 187


“As naturopaths, we’re not attached to which technique the person needs; we’re attached to the person getting an outcome. I don’t care if that means they have a surgery or get an adjustment from a chiropractor. It boils down to what’s the safest, least invasive intervention you can possibly do to get the best outcome.” – Dr. Todd Nelson


On this episode of the Open Sky Fit Podcast, we had Speaker, Author, and Naturopath, Dr. Todd Nelson, discuss how to heal inflammation, chronic pain, and why anyone experiencing health problems should consider visiting a doctor practicing natural medicine first rather than go straight to their pre-approved by insurance company list of physicians.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Dr. Nelson decides what a patient needs and how he goes about coaching them.
  • His advice for healing from inflammation and chronic pain.
  • Why it’s best to have a coach when you’re trying to recover your health.
  • The proper use of cannabis to treat chronic pain.
  • How to holistically get relief from chronic seasonal allergies.
  • DOMS and how to naturally ease muscle soreness and speed up recovery time.
  • Natural ways to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
  • Suggestions for those with thyroid problems or CRPS – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.


What Is A Naturopath?

Naturopaths help their patients with medical problems and give them a holistic and overall review of supplementation and how their body is absorbing food. They may do blood tests to see if the body is absorbing vitamins and other nutrients correctly. Naturopaths are similar to someone who is a functional medicine or integrative medicine doctor, but with a different certification.


“Why not try to exhaust all of the natural resources first that are not going to harm you. They might not take you where you want to go, but at least they’re not going to hurt you and you can receive direction. Also, typically the outcomes are even better.” – Dr. Todd Nelson


Choosing the Right Natural Health Practitioner


About Dr. Todd Nelson

Todd Nelson, D.Sc., is a well-known Naturopath. He holds many advanced certificates in Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine, First-Line Therapy, and Personality Assessment. He has been serving the Denver/Boulder area in clinical practice for 35 years, integrating comprehensive holistic modalities including Functional Medicine testing, clinical nutrition, medical-grade dietary supplements, detoxification, fitness, herbal medicine, lifestyle counseling, stress mastery and life coaching. He is a nationally known speaker, teacher, and author.
He is the co-author of three books, Arthritis Survival, Asthma Survival, and Headache Survival, (Tarcher/Putnam), along with best-selling author, Dr. Robert Ivker. Todd is a contributing author to Dr. Ivker’s Sinus Survival, The Complete Self-Care Guide to Holistic Medicine and Thriving: The Holistic Guide to Optimal Health for Men. His latest contribution is to Dr. Ivker’s Cannabis for Chronic Pain.

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What You’ll Hear on This Episode

00:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:15  Opening comments with Rob and Devon

1:30 Check out last week’s show – OSF 186 – Nutrition Periodization: Individual Plans For Your Body Type

2:40 Shout out to our Open Sky Fit Challenge group!

3:00  About our talk today with Dr. Todd Nelson

5:00 Apply for One-on-One Coaching with either Rob or Devon!

5:30 Weighing yourself: why pound lost isn’t the only indicator of being fit, how to weigh yourself, and how often to do it.

8:30  What tools we can use to stop self-sabotaging ourselves.

10:30  How to keep track of your good habits and the importance of paying attention to your goals.

15:45  Introduction to Dr. Todd Nelson

17:00 How Dr. Nelson began his journey to becoming a naturopathic doctor.

20:00 Why more and more people are becoming interested in reaching out to alternative medicine.

25:00 The problem with naturopathics not being covered by insurance.

28:00 A breakdown of the different categories of doctors focused on natural health.

33:55 How he decides what a patient needs and how he goes about coaching them.

35:00  His thoughts on when medical doctors and surgeons look down on his naturopathic practice and why approaching a naturopathic approach first is better.

40:00 How he began helping solve the problem of inflammation and chronic pain.

49:30 Why it helps to hire a naturopathic if you’re dealing with chronic pain.

52:00 DOMS and how to naturally ease muscle soreness and speed up recovery time.

1:00:00 Some questions submitted by members of our Open Sky Fitness Podcast Facebook Group: How to holistically got relief from chronic seasonal allergies.

1:04:40 Natural ways to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

1:06:00 Reliving neuropathy symptoms

1:08:30  Recommended cannabis use for chronic pain.

1:09:40 Thyroid levels – what are they and do they vary depending on the patient or doctor? What about the use of essential oils.

1:11:00 Suggestions for someone suffering from CRPS – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

1:14:00  Closing comments with Rob and Devon

50:45 Open Sky Fitness Closing



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