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Back Spasms and How to Heal Them - Ep 143 Open Sky Fitness Rob Dionne Devon Dionne

Back Spasms and How to Heal Them – Ep 143

Back Spasms and Problems 101   “Most back spasms are from either not stretching and warming up or from sitting all day. You really can’t escape back spasms. Even if you’re physically active, they’re impossible to avoid. Even for us.” – Rob and Devon Dionne   Do you find simple tasks like picking up something…

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Active Recovery From Stress Open Sky Fitness Podcast

Active Recovery From Stress – EP 129

“Any workout is a stress on the body. When you put that stress on the body, it needs to adapt to it in order to grow. Just like normal stress, we use it to grow and improve ourselves. Whether it’s stress from exercise, jobs, or life in general, we need recovery.” – Rob Dionne   Join The…

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John Allen Mollenhauer: How to End Performance Anxiety

John Allen Mollenhauer: How to End Performance Anxiety-Ep.96

On this week’s Open Sky Fitness Podcast, Rob  had the chance to sit down and talk with John Allen Mollenhaur about how we can end our performance anxiety and begin living a performance lifestyle. For anyone who compares themselves to other people; has an addiction to becoming the best without giving themselves a rest; or…

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David Allen: The Importance of Time Management -Ep. 79

You lucky listeners have a special podcast this week today the Importance of Time Management”. First, Rob takes some time to answer a question from one of our listeners on how to get started on a path to wellness. Then, you’ll hear from our guest speaker, David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done. Ask yourself if you are spinning in your head with all the things going on in your life and you believe you just need to manage your time better? David will show you that it’s not about time management but about finding space in your head to think.

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George Rausch – Week 7

If I tell you I had a big week, would you believe me? This kind of stuff happens to people all the time and you probably don’t realize how a stressful week can gravely affect your eating and overall health. When you’re programmed to diet and exercise six days a week, it becomes very, very…

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