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How to Detox Heavy Metals with Wendy Myers – Ep. 274

How to Detox Heavy Metals with Wendy Myers

“Minerals are the foundation of heavy metal detoxification. They get your body working correctly; you can’t have cell communication or hydration without minerals. So, you have this fix your health’s foundation before actually beginning or considering a detoxing process.” – Wendy Myers


Is fatigue ruining your life?

Heavy Metals Detox & Supplement Expert, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Author of Limitless Energy, and Founder of Myers Detox, Wendy Myers, joins Rob to share the many problems that heavy metals can bring to our health, how to detox from them, and even discussed Rob’s own test results.


Join us in this podcast episode as Rob and Wendy Myers discuss:

  • Why minerals are the foundation of heavy metal detoxification.
  • Which minerals most people are lacking what the best supplement forms to take are on the market.
  • Why many people actually don’t absorb edible minerals very easily so topical treatments and Epsom salts are very beneficial for them.
  • Other wellness practices to help you detox and give your body and mind a boost.
  • Why bioenergetics such as the NES device is the future of health.


Asses your relative levels of heavy metal at heavymetalsquiz.com


Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue

Learn how to unleash unlimited energy with the power of detox. Did you know that your body is full of toxic metals? And that these metals interfere in your body’s ability to produce energy? You must detox if you want to maximize your energy. Limitless Energy is an invaluable guide that will reveal what toxic metals cause fatigue, where you’re getting the metals in the air, food, and water. And how to safely detox them using Wendy’s trademark Mitochondria Detox Program to reverse chronic fatigue and increase your energy…for life.

There are 100,000 chemicals and dozens of toxic metals in our environment. No one is immune to its effects on our energy, brain function, and our health. You must learn how to detox your body in our ever-toxic world if you plan to live a long time healthy, disease-free and medication free.

Is Toxicity Impacting Your Life?

Are you eating great, sleeping well, and exercising and still don’t feel your best? Toxicity is the most likely culprit. You must add detox protocols to your healthy lifestyle to maximize energy production and feel your best. Limitless Energy teaches you how to do exactly that – how to detox the right way – to increase your energy and longevity and maintain a youthful appearance.



About Wendy Myers

Wendy MyersWendy Myers is the founder of MyersDetox.com. She is a heavy metals detox expert and functional diagnostic nutritionist in Los Angeles, CA. She is the #1 bestselling author of Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue. Wendy hosts the Myers Detox Podcast about all things related to detox.

She’s passionate about educating people on the importance of detox to live a long, disease-free life. She created the revolutionary Myers Detox Protocol and Mitochondria Detox programs after working with thousands of clients around the world



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What You’ll Hear on This Episode | How to Detox Heavy Metals with Wendy Myers

00:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:15  Opening comments with Rob

5:00 Wendy’s background and own wellness journey of healing from brain fog, being overweight, and negative emotions.

7:00 Her low-level hormones which at 37 years and how that launched her own investigation into what was causing it and how she could heal.

9:00 Why minerals are the foundation of heavy metal detoxification.

10:30 Which minerals most people are lacking what the best supplement forms to take are on the market.

11:00 The importance of buying from cheap brands that sell supplements with magnesium oxide that has only have a 4% absorption rate.

11:50 Why many people actually don’t absorb edible minerals very easily so topical treatments and Epsom salts are very beneficial for them.

14:00 How long it takes someone to detox based on age and how long they’ve been ill for.

17:00 Unpacking what a mitochondria detox is and how it helps our health bounce back.

18:00 Why cancer is considered a mitochondria disease by some experts.

21:00 Other wellness practices to help you detox and give your body and mind a boost.

22:30 The NES scanner device to detect deficiencies, toxicities, and food allergies in the body. Why bioenergetics is the future of health.

27:00 Results from Rob’s hair sample for a hair tissue mineral analysis.

32:00 Common sources of arsenic levels found in the body.

35:00 The fact that we have to face the truth that all of our foods have metals in them plus why she believes it’s so vital to eat fish but which ones you should avoid.

37:00 Where cadmium metal is found in the body and why it causes more cancer than all other metals combined.

38:30 Why lead never shows up on a test but we all have it in the body. What it means to have high aluminum levels in the body.

40:30 Where we get high levels of nickel from.

42:00 What it means to have high levels vs. low levels of metals in your test’s outcome.

45:00 What products and practices will help your body improve its ability to detox.

52:00 Why so many people have thyroid issues.

53:00 Further recommendations for detoxing from toxic metals in the body.

1:03:50  Closing comments with Rob

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1:07:20 Open Sky Fitness Closing




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