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Simplifying Intermittent Fasting: You’re Welcome! with Kristen Mancinelli – Ep. 247


“The most successful fasting regimen is the one that you can stick to and the one that you can organize into your life.” Kristen Mancinelli


This week, our good friend, Registered Dietitian, Consultant, and Author of The Ketogenic Diet as well as her latest book, Jump Start Ketosis, Kristen Mancinelli joins us for the third time on the podcast. With a Master’s of Science degree in Public Health and Nutrition, Kristen has a wealth of information to share and this time we’re specifically focusing on how to make intermittent fasting easy for anyone.


On This Episode:

Based on her latest article, 15 tips to help you succeed on your fast, Kristen will share:

  • The easiest way to begin intermittent fasting.
  • How long it takes to transition into Ketosis while on the Ketogenic Diet.
  • The Various triggers that we think we’re hungry when we’re just thirsty or detoxing from the last meal we ate.
  • The benefits of intermittent fasting occasionally for our health including preventing aging, increase longevity, and even possibly prevent cancer.
  • The importance of building your unique intermittent fasting plan around your goals

About Kristen Mancinelli

Kristen MancinelliKristen Mancinelli, MS, RDN, is a nutrition scientist and educator who is passionate about making science and health information useful for everyone. She has been an adjunct instructor in the Program in Nutrition at Columbia University and has presented at numerous professional conferences on the subject of nutrition and health. Kristen received her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from NYU and a master of science in public health and nutrition from Columbia University. Currently, in New York City, Kristen counsels individuals in weight loss and prevention and writes frequently for popular media on the subjects of paleo and low-carb dieting, and the role of the food environment in shaping individual food choices.


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What You’ll Hear on This Episode

00:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:15  Opening comments with Rob and Devon

2:00 About our show today with Kristen Mancinelli

2:30 The importance of warming up – Rob’s story this week

8:00 How to get warmed up for your workout that day.

10:30 Why the healing stops once the depression sets in –  How the body is designed to heal and we have to be proactive.

12:40 The importance of taking off time to allow your body to heal; especially with a back injury.

19:40 What intermittent fasting specifically is, common intermittent fasting mistakes, and why it’s so popular right now.

21:20 What’s the easiest way to do intermittent fasting? Is it calories restrictive?

22:15 Can you still have breakfast drinks like coffee or tea while intermittent fasting?

23:30 How long does it take to transition into Ketosis while on the Ketogenic Diet?

25:00 Are there benefits to do a longer fast vs. shorter fast?

26:00 Various triggers that we think we’re hungry when we’re just thirsty or detoxing from the last meal we ate.

26:40 Why it’s okay to be hungry and you don’t have to eat 3 or 5/7 smaller meals a day.

29:30 Metabolism in the fed state vs. fasted state.

31:00 Why fasting is actually much simpler than what we’ve been told to believe in the past.

33:00 Why any opportunities you have to fast with your schedule will be beneficial to your health

33:30 The benefits of intermittent fasting occasionally for our health including preventing aging, increase longevity, and even possibly prevent cancer.

36:00 How our insulin levels and weight are impacted by intermittent fasting.

39:00 The diet Devon followed when she had gestational diabetes.

43:30 The 15 tips to help your intermittent fasting be a success.

43:45  1) Stop researching and get started.

45:00 2) Remember that it’s the length of your fasting window and not your eating window that counts.

46:05 3) Don’t keep foods in the house that you might binge on.

48:30 4) Don’t stuff yourself at your last meal thinking it will make fasting easier tomorrow.

51:15 5) Drink water, sparkling water, tea or coffee.

53:00 6) Be willing to wait through hunger peaks

53:40 Why it’s normal that you might feel a bit jittery and energetic at the beginning of intermittent fasting which is actually great for working out and being productive.

55:50 Don’t intermittent fast if you’re underweight, breastfeeding, or anemic. If you have any health issues, don’t do this without consulting someone first.

56:20 7) Keep busy.

57:25 8) If you break your fast, go ahead and eat to satisfaction.

59:25 9) Get comfortable with exercising while fasting.

1:02:00 The importance of building your unique intermittent fasting plan around your goals.

1:04:30 10) Focus on protein, fat, and fiber-rich foods when you eat.

1:06:30 Kristen’s experience of fasting for 10 days as part of Ramadan and how she learned to importance really nourishing your body with whole foods.

1:09:50 The optimal amount of days a month people should be fasting if they want to do it.

1:12: 25 11) Avoid alcohol.

1:16:00 12) Don’t over complicate your fast with lots of supplements or broth regimens.

1:19:00 13) Build a support system.

1:22:30 14) Go easy on the carbs and get most of them from non-starchy vegetables.

1:23:25 15) Give it a try for a few weeks.

1:24:55 Why intermittent fasting is not the same as the ketogenic diet.

1:25:15 Final comments with Kristen, Rob, and Devon.

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1:28:50 Open Sky Fitness Closing






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