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Cardio vs. Weightlifting – Which Is More Important As We Age? – Ep. 204

“If you’re a person who lives a sedentary life, your health might be good until you’re 45. If you ignore physical exercise until you’re 45, your health can begin to drastically drop after 45 but it is preventative and you might just have to work a bit harder. It’s all about mindset because many of us think we cannot do something such as go on a hike and have the attitude of ‘I’m too this; I’m too that,’ and that’s when we start to set ourselves back with our mindset on physical activities.” – Rob and Devon


In this week’s episode of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast, we will be discussing the differences between cardio and weight lifting plus which one is better for us as we age. How did we stumble onto this topic? Many of our clients and members of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast Group on Facebook were very curious about this as well and so we wanted to share our insights with you, our awesome listener!

As you tune in, we will cover:

  • What you can expect from your body once you’re 30 and beyond.
  • Common myths and misconceptions about working out.
  • Benefits of cardio and weightlifting.
  • The two different types of cardio: Aerobic/LISS and Anaerobic/HIIT
  • The physical and mental stresses of doing long, cardio workouts.
  • What effects strength training has on the body.
  • What our ancestors did that we can mimic in our own lives and physical training today.
  • How to plan your weekly workout with our template.
  • What workouts Rob does with his clients


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Common Misconceptions About Exercise

These are common soundbites you’ve probably heard from other people and have believed that they’re true but they’re actually the complete opposite and not good advice when it comes to working out:

  • You have to do 30-60 minutes of cardio every single day.
  • You should focus on weights in your 30s but then cardio in your 40s.
  • You can’t build muscle mass after 30.
  • Always do your cardio first before you lift.
  • The more cardio, the better.


Cardio Workouts: Pros and Cons

According to the Cleveland Clinic, there are various benefits of doing cardio including:

  • Increases blood flow
  • Decreases chances of stroke
  • Improves memory
  • Increases circulation
  • Helps control blood sugar
  • Increases oxygen supply allowing the muscles to work even harder
  • Decreases stress
  • Helps with weight regulation
  • Releases endorphins for a better mood
  • Combats depression

These aren’t the only benefits either, in terms of weight loss, cardio does, in fact, burn more calories than weight lifting does at the moment with 10-12 calories per minute compared to 8-10. However, after completing a cardio workout, we’re more likely to eat more calories and stay sedentary for the rest of the day. While cardio does burn more calories at the moment, weight lifting increases our resting metabolic rate which allows for our bodies to continue burning more calories throughout the day.



2 Types of Cardio: Aerobic/LISS vs. Anaerobic/HIIT


“There are really two different types of cardio and they’re very, very different from each other. That’s where people often get confused because if you just put cardio into one category, you’re missing out on the real deal. All types of cardio are great but there are some forms that are the most beneficial.” – Devon Dionne 


When it comes to cardio, there are two types:

  • Aerobic or LISS Cardio – Low-Intensity Steady State Cardio
  • Anaerobic or HIIT Cardio – High-Intensity Interval Training

Aerobic cardio is done over long durations of time at a low to moderate intensity. Some forms of this cardio include walking on a treadmill, jogging, or biking. When you do LISS cardio, your body can breathe and supply oxygen to the muscles as you’re doing the exercise so that you’re able to do it for long periods of time.

Forms of high-intensity cardio are done in short spurts followed by low-intensity recovery periods. Your body can’t supply enough oxygen for those muscles to continue to do it for long periods of time. Not only do HIIT workouts increase your anaerobic but also aerobic capacity.

Anaerobic or HIIT Cardio workouts specifically have these benefits:

  • An increase of skeletal muscle
  • Mitochondria respiration
  • Gene expression
  • An increase of muscle mass

Which Is Better? LISS or HIIT?

If you do LISS workouts often, they will actually take away from your muscle mass and you’re not likely to burn fat or calories; you’re going to burn muscle if you do it for long periods of time. LISS also creates a lot of stress and actually isn’t as beneficial as far as long-term health. Therefore, we don’t recommend doing LISS cardio for long periods of time for multiple times per week.


“This idea that you should only do low – moderate intensity cardio for long periods of time to lose weight is not correct. It’s not enough by itself but compared to combining cardio and strength training, you’re going to lose more abdominal fat over the years than if you only did cardio workouts.” – Rob and Devon Dionne



The Benefits of Weight Lifting

As we age, our body starts to gradually lose muscle mass. After our 30s, our body loses about 5% of muscle mass for every decade afterward.

The benefits of weight lifting on a regular basis include:

  • Builds muscle mass
  • Improves connective tissue
  • Continue to burn more calories hours after lifting

We continue to burn calories after lifting because it increases your resting metabolic rate vs. cardio burns calories at the moment. One study found that men who weight lifted on a consistent basis increased their RMR men by 9% and women who did the same increased it by 4%.


Final Recommendations

When it comes down to whether cardio or weight lifting is better for us as we age; the truth is that neither is better than the other and both have lots of great benefits. However, we cannot do one without the other. Wou need both in order to be the best that we can be.

There is one exception though. We do not recommend doing aerobic cardio for very long periods of time multiple times a week.

If we had to choose between one over the other, we would choose weightlifting because you can get a cardio workout from lifting. Along with maintaining muscle mass, burning calories, and staying fit from strength training, you can include some recreational cardio in the mix to help with stress and functional movement. Not only but within a strength training program, you can also create HIIT cardio training with that program or in a bodyweight program.


What You’ll Hear on This Episode

00:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:15  Opening comments with Rob and Devon

1:30 Check out last week’s show: OSF 203 with Allison Melody – Holistic Health: Discover What Works For You

2:30 Update on our current Sky Fit Challenge participants!

3:15 Sign up for our next Sky Fit Challenge with an Early Bird Special on June 18!

5:00 The changes in American culture we need to see when it comes the style of eating and nutrition.

7:00 Cardio vs. Weight Lifting – which one is better as we age?

7:20 Why it’s so hard for people to change their nutrition or other aspects that they need to focus on when it comes to wellness.

10:00 What you can expect from yourself and your body as you get to 30 years.

12:40 Studies done on elite athletes after the age of 45.

13:30 Common myths and misconceptions about working out.

16:20 The benefits of doing cardio.

17:30 The two types of cardio: Aerobic/LISS, Anaerobic/HIIT

20:40 Benefits of Anaerobic and HIIT training

21:40 Which is better? LISS or HITT?

24:45 The benefits of weight lifting

27:00 The physical and mental stresses of doing long, cardio workouts.

30:30 What if you only do strength training? What effect does that have on the body?

32:00 What our ancestors did that we can mimic in our own lives and physical training today.

40:00 How we can use how our ancestors lived as a model for our modern lives.

42:00 Final recommendations and pieces of advice.

46:00 How to incorporate functional movement into your everyday life.

47:00 How to plan your weekly workout with our template.

50:00 What workouts Rob does with his clients.

55:00 How to build a healthier lifestyle for yourself.

56:30 Join our next Sky Fit Challenge officially beginning July 16to get extra support for your workouts.

59:00 Get an early start on the Sky Fit Challenge and join us June 18 for our Transition Challenge.

59:40 Closing comments with Rob and Devon

1:00:00 Open Sky Fitness Closing






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